Facilitate a Small Group

Small Groups are a big deal at City Life Church. It’s easy to come to church on Sunday morning, yet live completely anonymously. It’s our hope that each person that comes to our church would live in community, and Small Groups are how we make that happen. People are a huge part of our faith journey, and we know there are some great people here to connect with. There’s a group for everyone, and we hope you’ll join one today!

Why Should I lead?

Because Sunday morning isn’t the full expression of living in community. We want to be a church of people that know others and are known by others. Living in community helps our spiritual formation and helps us find freedom.

How do small groups happen?

Our Small groups are interest based, so what are you interested in? We like to say that “Your life is your group.” Take something that you’re already doing, already enjoy, and make that your group. That might be hiking, working out, playing games, prayer, a study on a book of the Bible, a specific discussion topic, or simply hanging out. You’re going to attract people to your group that others can’t, and others will attract people that you can’t. We want our groups to be diverse, so we can connect as many people as possible.

Our Small Groups are semester based. We do that for two reasons. The first is so that there are easy on and off ramps for people who are wanting to connect to a group. They don’t feel like they’re stuck in a group for life, but they also don’t feel like exclusive groups that are impossible to break in to. The second reason is so that our leaders can rest. Many people don’t have a problem committing to leading a group for 10-12 weeks, but leading for a full year can seem like a bit of a daunting task. We want our leaders to be refreshed in those breaks between semesters! 

What do I need to host a small group?

Great question! It really depends on what you’d like to do. Again, our groups are diverse so if you’re hosting a group that gathers based around a hobby, you’d need whatever that hobby requires. If your group is focused on fellowship, then probably a place to meet. If you’re doing a specific study or curriculum, then you’d need that resource. There’s even a chance that we could purchase that curriculum for your group. All that to say, we don’t “require” you to use anything specific. 

Lead a Small Group

Thank you for your interest in leading a small group! To get started, fill out the Dream Team form linked below and select "Small Groups Leadership" as the area of interest.

Any Questions?

Feel free to get in contact with Barrie Thiessen - our Small Groups pastor - who is more than happy
to answer any questions you might have!