Small Groups

Small Groups are a big deal at City Life Church. It’s easy to come to church on Sunday morning, yet live completely anonymously. It’s our hope that each person that comes to our church would live in community, and Small Groups are how we make that happen. People are a huge part of our faith journey, and we know there are some great people here to connect with. There’s a group for everyone, and we hope you’ll join one today!

Why Small Groups?

Because Sunday morning isn’t the full expression of living in community. We want to be a church of people that know others and are known by others. Living in community helps our spiritual formation and helps us find freedom.

Who are they for?

Everyone! There isn’t a single person who Small Groups aren’t for, and we really do think that there is a group for everyone. Maybe it’s a bit intimidating to join a small group, but don’t hesitate. Sign up. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

How Do small groups happen?

Our Small Groups are interest based, which means that our groups are as diverse as the people that lead them. There are groups that are centered around marriage, discussion, specific studies, hanging out, prayer, hiking, etc. If there’s not one that interests you, consider leading one!

Our Small Groups happen in three semesters. We have one that runs from February to early May, one that runs for the month of July, and one that runs from October to early December. Most of our groups meet weekly with the exception of a few that meet bi-weekly. 

Any Questions?

Feel free to get in contact with Barrie Thiessen - our Small Groups pastor - who is more than happy
to answer any questions you might have!